Wednesday, April 05, 2006

GIMP & the truth in the inward being

Installed GIMP today. Wanted to get away from photoshop, mainly because the ones available to me are pirated.

Downloaded Grokking the GIMP. Just what I need to get going.

Having made a decision to not use any pirated software, I am pretty happy with where I have reached so far. Learned to do websites with HTML-kit and NVU, CSS with notepad2 and Topstyle lite and now with GIMP, I'm hoping to get creative.

Living in India, going legit with software is not an easy decision to make, but the laborer is worthy of his wages. Taking or using something that the owners require payment for basically qualifies as theft. This is no deep revelation but it has become a conviction which has lately given me the strength to make sacrifices.

Life is not worth living without truth in the inward being. I must practice what I preach

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